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IHG asset management will implement a strategic and operational management plan of all aspects of property throughout their life cycle, from acquisition through the client, to management, to eventual disposal.


IHG asset managers will assumes overall responsibility for the strategic and operational management of assets and may delegate responsibilities to those involved in the day to day management of individual buildings and retain specialist advisors for specific undertakings, while fulfilling management and financial reporting to the client.

During the life of the asset management, IHG will work to deliver on the objectives of the client’s business plan and will assume responsibility for the development and regular review of asset level business plans. The planning, preparation and implementation of asset level business plans is the responsibility of the asset manager whose performance is measured against agreed KPIs:


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IHG professional and ethical standards

Behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be a professional. It is what distinguishes professionals from others in the marketplace. Having a clear set of professional and ethical standards to guide behaViour gives all those we deal with confidence in the way we do things.

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